Catherine Nicholson presents the news and Culture on France 24, and reports from the field on events from the Cannes film festival, to street demos and court cases.
This blog is a personal view on some of the events and details that don't quite make it onto your TV screens.
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More Culture bites: Meeting Mandela (sort-of)

The stars of the new film "Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom" come to Paris for a red carpet premiere: your France 24 friends grill them on accents, icons, and Africa - and muse on the wisdom of making a film about a living legend

Culture bites: Montreux, munchies, and mega happy tummies

Behind the scenes and after hours on the France 24 Culture show: part 1

Royal bébé watch is ON

As the world’s media and your trusty France 24 reporter (me) wait for Prince William and Kate Middleton’s baby to arrive, take a virtual saunter down the normally quiet London side street where it’s all happening… or not.

Behind the Cannes curtain

It started out wet & windy, and ended with the sun shining on an almost unanimously adored winner: "Blue is the Warmest Colour". Catherine Nicholson spills a few beans on other tasty tidbits from the 66th Cannes film festival

Operation: Cannes

Cannes is the big red glowing dot on the Culture team’s calendar each year, our annual date with the biggest, hottest, most sought-after film stars on the planet. Join us!